God loves the rural church, and so do we.

The Mission

Lakeview School of Rural Church Ministry aims to equip pastors-in-training for the specific opportunities for influence and expansion of the kingdom of God in rural America.

Why rural?

The rural church in America presents a unique opportunity to reach people for the Lord in communities that are ripe for harvest. Often overlooked, rural America has roots in Christianity, but has wandered spiritually. It needs people who will clearly proclaim the truth of the gospel and bring the steady hand of spirit-empowered discipleship.

If our goal is a healthy Spirit-filled church in every community, then we must not overlook the small towns and rural places in America!
— George O. Wood, Former General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God

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Who is Rural?

Rural America is the hardworking backbone of our country that few recognize these days. It's the "flyover territory" you may have heard about in the media. It's made up of the quiet, but determined folk who love their families and love their communities. It is the precious people who need the gospel, need discipleship, and who hold within them the potential to change the world.

...a culture and people who historically have been a foundation and catalyst of our Movement...
— Wes Bartel, Rural America Ministries Network
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Rural Ministry Facts

  • 18,969 communities or towns in America have populations fewer than 5,000.
  • The Assemblies of God has churches in only 4,100 of them.
  • 48% of current Assemblies of God churches are classified as rural.
  • More than 50% of pastors begin ministry in rural churches.
  • Rural churches produce more than 2/3 of the Assemblies of God missionary task force.
  • Rural churches have produced a strong majority of Assemblies of God executive leadership.
More than 50 percent of new ministers begin pastoring in a rural church, yet they leave college with little or no training that would assist them in understanding and ministering to the unique needs and the unique culture of a rural community.
— Wes Bartel, Rural America Ministries Network

We aim to address that.