Life in Lakeview

Located in the Oregon Outback, Lakeview is proud to be one of the more remote communities in Oregon. Check out this great article to give you an idea of what it’s like.

The Outdoors

In Lakeview, the outdoors are right at our doorstep. Deer wander through town, and an expansive wilderness begins just down the street. If you're an explorer at heart, the Oregon Outback should keep you plenty busy...

The Town

Situated on the southern edge of Oregon, Lakeview is a town of about 2,300. It's the county seat to Lake County, one of the larger counties in Oregon (land wise), and one of the smaller counties in Oregon (population wise). In fact, we can boast that the entire county is about the size of Israel, but with only 7,800 residents. The town is well-organized, close-knit, and has a beautiful blend of neighborly spirit and self-reliant individualism. You'll find it quaint, friendly, and lovely in its own Oregon Outback kind of way.

The Relationships

Small towns like Lakeview offer the chance to get to know people in a more familiar way than in larger communities because...well...we run into each other more often! The town of Lakeview, and particularly Outback Assembly of God, offer rich opportunities to develop meaningful relationships.

The jobs

What do people in Lakeview do? Lots of things! Many people work at the mill, in forestry, in ranching, for government land management agencies, in healthcare, in education, and in the service sector.

Will you be able to find a job in Lakeview? Probably! While Lakeview SRCM can't guarantee employment, if you're willing to work, there's work to be done. Our connections in the community will help us point you in the direction of jobs in retail/service, ranching, and labor, to name a few.

The Leisure

Who ever said life in a small town is boring? We never run out of things to do! Lake County offers endless opportunities for hiking, biking, camping, hunting, fishing, archery, shooting, horseback riding, and ATV use. Warner Canyon Ski Area is 15 minutes from Lakeview, offering affordable lift tickets. Community events happen nearly every weekend, and there's always a reason to get together with other people and have a good time.

Two blocks away, you're welcome to use the high school track, baseball & soccer fields, and tennis courts. Or, just pop out onto the large church lawn (a.k.a. "The Church Park"), perfect for throwing a frisbee around, playing a game of volleyball with friends, or just chilling out with the deer.