Learning and interacting with God's Word? Sunday School.

At Outback Assembly of God Bly Campus, we know that hearing a sermon isn't enough.

We need to live it.

But there's something more than that...A bridge that connects what we hear with how we live it. It's that time where we hear the Word of God and interact with others as we process it in a meaningful way.

That's what we do in Sunday School.

Sunday School | 9:30 am | for all ages

Babies & Toddlers

Bring them with you! We don't have a specific Sunday School class for your babies and toddlers, but they're welcome to sit with you in the adult class. We'd even be happy to help you hold them! 

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preschool & Elementary kids

Younger kids meet in classroom just off of the fellowship hall for an age-appropriate lesson, craft/activity, and snack. 

Kids take a systematic journey through the Bible, learning why we believe what we believe & how to live out those beliefs in practical ways.

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teens & Adults

Teens & adults of all ages are invited to Sunday School. Jim Gerdes teaches the class in the fellowship hall, bringing depth of Bible knowledge and practical experience living as a Christian in the Bly community.