Every church needs a rallying point. This is it.

Every Sunday morning at 10:30 am

I’ve always believed every church needs a rallying point. A place where everybody can come together and get on the same page. A place where people can hear the truth in love and be equipped to serve God in their everyday lives. That’s Sunday morning.
— Pastor Joel

On sunday mornings, we have church.

We understand that everyone is at a different place in their journey with the Lord, and many people from different backgrounds attend our church, so we invite you to come as you are...though you can consider this a bold warning: You probably won't stay that way.


Music is intentionally chosen from collections of both hymns and modern songs with a focus on glorifying God. We're not into singing about our problems and personal journeys, or in doing performance pieces when we gather for our Sunday Morning Services. We intend to simply worship God for who He is and what He's done, so that's what we do. Other stuff has its place -- just not at our church on a Sunday morning. 

You can expect that we will usually sing 4-5 songs.

praying hands.jpg


There are usually a few opportunities for prayer during the course of a service, though they may look slightly different from week to week. Usually as worship comes to a close, Pastor Joel invites the congregation to a time of prayer. Sometimes it's an invitation to come forward. Often it's an invitation to call upon the Lord from where you are in the room. Pastor Joel always closes his sermon with prayer as well. Again, sometimes it's with an invitation to come forward, sometimes with an opportunity to respond where you are. If you are hungry for regular extended altar time, please come to our Sunday Evening Service where the key focus of the service is prayer.


Communion is served on the first Sunday of every month. We invite all people who've put their faith in Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins to participate. At our church, we offer a time for reflection and prayer, then invite everybody to the front of the sanctuary to partake. In good ol' fashioned Assembly of God tradition, ours is a grape juice communion.


If you're a guest, please don't worry about giving during the collection of tithes and offerings. We just want you to come and be blessed.

For our regular attenders, we teach the biblical practice of giving to God in tithes and offerings.

What's a tithe? Tithe literally means 10th (10%). It's what we bring God because God gave us 100%.

An offering is anything you give after that. If you come on Sunday, you'll hear Pastor Joel talk about funds you can give offerings to, including:

  • Missions -- to help us reach our world for Christ
  • General Fund -- to help us reach our community for Christ
  • Building Fund -- to take care of the resources God has given us

We support an ever-growing number of Assemblies of God missionaries, and have set a goal of raising $10,000 for missions annually. God is doing good things. We've reached that goal once, and we're aiming to do it again! 



Pastor Joel is one of those who has gotten in the habit of preaching it like it is, but always in love. You can know that his his goal is obedience to what God asks Him to preach, and he isn't going to hold anything back. He's not all about hellfire and brimstone, though, because God isn't. Really, it's about preaching who God is -- not the god we prefer, the god we make up, and definitely not the god our culture teaches us we should believe in. No, this God is so much more amazing -- He's the God of the Bible! 

How long does it last?

Service goes until the sermon is over -- usually until noon or a little after.

Kids Church

Kids Church is available for kids grades preschool - 6th grade during Sunday Morning Service, which begins at 10:30 am. 

  • Pastor Joel releases the kids to Kids Church after worship & announcements, giving the kids an opportunity to have their own lesson, but still letting them participate in the life of the church as a whole. This is a family church, after all!
  • Kids Church teaches the ever-so-exciting Superbook Academy curriculum.
  • Please pick up your kids in the Mobile after service.
  • Your child will come home with a Gizmonote -- a sheet of paper with information about what they learned in Kids Church & the memory verse, as well as a link to an online family devotional and video about the lesson.
  • Learn more here.